Automated Online Trading For Profit

It has been a dream in the past, but now it is for real. Many business owners dreamt of automatically running their businesses, making profit, without interfering on their own. They setup their businesses, utilize people, employ people to administer individuals employees, and run the business. Nevertheless , there was always a missing piece in the chain: Who will administer the administrators? At the end, they have to engage on their own.

Many traders in the past dreamt of getting a machine trade for them, consider decisions, enter positions, close all of them, manage their money, etc … Finally this became a reality. Automated trading systems, now called Trading Robots are available for affordable prices.

Stocks & Shares

One nice piece of an investing robot is Marl, The Trading Robot. It is a $28, 000 program with sophisticated code that scans stocks, their prices, trends, and puts them on a watch listing according to complicated mathematical equations. This watch list then is being scanned again and again until a valid opportunity happens. At this time, Marl, chooses the target stock to buy or sell.

However , since this trading robot is expensive, the creators has found a method to make its results (stock picks) available to traders, by sending them newsletters, containing those targeted stocks and shares which are expected to double in price in no time!

Forex & Currencies

The massive liquidity in the forex market made automated trading available to a large scale of traders, even to anyone. The so called expert advisors, EAs, can automated your trading for A to Z.
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Many experienced traders and programmer have translated their manual systems into automated ones. All you need is a trading platform called metatrader, and a small file called EA. The code which is contained in this EA directs your own platform what to trade. It can open, close, manage all your positions and accounts.