Robotic Car Vacuum; Dirt Seeking Automated programs

One of the coolest innovations in the last few years for personal technology devices around the home, surely has to be the iRobot “Romba” robotic vacuum cleaner. I mean come on, that is just too cool, you gotta love those research engineers who came up with that one. But now we need to challenge them to come up with another unit that can clean my car. I mean have you seen my car lately?

I do not have time to go to a carwash, nor do I want all the change stolen from my ashtray or to read any signs, which say; “We are not responsible for items stolen from your car!” Oh really, well then is that to say you are anticipating stealing items from my car if I allow you to clean my automobile? And if so, why on Earth would I want to take my car to get washed by a bunch of thieves or even bother to pay you with my ATM or credit card? Dah?

So, I guess we are all stuck on vacuuming our own cars?
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Or are we? Why not get a little gizmo robotic car vacuum unit to do it for us? I bet they would sell a gazillion of them? But how exactly would this work you ask?

Well, I propose it be made small so it can crawl under the seats or made with Velcro Tracks so it can climb over them and then fall to the floor and start on the next row of seats in my SUV. It could also be in the shape of a tube, which would wiggle around and vacuum all the dust.


Personally I guess we do not care how they make it really, just make one that works and we will buy it. We need our car interiors cleaned and we need a better way to do it than to risk our personal items being stolen at a car wash. Think on this in 2006.