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Affluent IPhone Software is key to independence from wires!

The year 2007 ended with the release of a device that is in the process of changing the way we see our communication abilities. Recently I happen to be promoting some iPhone download providers for the many new iPhone users around. These services offer unlimited downloads available for an one time fee. I have obtained some great feedback regarding the users of these services. However , as with any new technology you will find those whom (myself included) need a little extra time to wrap they’re mind around what they are using.

We received an email from a customer who purchased one of these download services asking me if I could help him. It seems that he subscribed to the service but was unable to download any software or even music to his new iPhone. After a brief email exchange I asked him if he was actually trying to download from their iPhone or from an external COMPUTER. As you might guess he has been trying to transfer files from their PC to his iPhone utilizing the download service. I explained which he doesn’t need to use a PC to obtain software on his iPhone instead, he can simply browse to the download service with his iPhone and start downloading aside. Once this was understood everything was working perfectly!

So your asking what’s the point here? The point is with it being 2008 we still are living with a cabled mentality with regards to our communication abilities. Many of us still have landlines within our homes, and most of us grew up along with at least one land-line in our home regardless if we had cellphones as well. This will not be the case for the current and upcoming generation. Devices like the iPhone allow us to do whatever we need to perform online without wires. Even with Mobile phones having Internet capability for full functionality in the past we simply piggybacked our laptops on top of our cellphone Internet connection. With mobile devices like the Apple iphone we no longer need to do so. Actually we don’t need any particular cables or wires to do so either. By simply opening up the integrated browser on the IPhone we are granted the freedom to browse, download and exchange data without wires!

It stands to reason then that even though we have all these high tech wireless devices coming out on the market that will end the need for us in order to even have a computer hooked to a telephone line once and for all it will be some time until we are able to as a society shake from our brains that we actually need wires to connect.
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That a mobile device no longer has to be connected to a PC for some associated with it’s functionality. Blue-tooth is an incredible protocol that has helped to better the way our gadgets interact. An excellent example of what I’m talking about simply happened recently:

I was in the process of making a video presentation on my laptop when my microphone headset sought out. This is a legacy headset that has a 1/8th microphone jack that simply connects into the audio input on the laptop. I was frantic as I acquired this video to make and no audio input. I tried for an hr to fix the microphone by rewiring with no luck. Then after regarding 2 hours it hit me that I could use my blue-tooth headset as being an audio input on my notebook thanks to it’s integrated blue-tooth capability. Now some of you might be going “well duH! ” but for me since i have haven’t used my blue-tooth gadgets for my laptop before in support of for my cellphone this was something new. But it’s a good example of how ingrained the “wired” concept is in our heads. I wasn’t thinking at the time how I could maybe venture out and pick up the latest and finest wireless microphone. Instead I was thinking of where I could go to get a well used legacy microphone that was exactly like the one I had!