6 Steps To Creating A Client Getting Follow-Up System

Step 1: The Three Stages of Follow-Up
Most people lump all kinds of follow up into one giant bucket. Well that gets tricky and confusing quickly. Start by understanding the different stages of follow-up. I like to break the follow up into 3 stages…

1. Pre sale (When you are grabbing the potential client’s interest)
This typically occurs when you are dealing with people you meet at seminars, networking meetings or on-line social networking.

2. During the Sale (When you are looking to hook the potential client)
This typically occurs when you are following up with folks who came to a teleclass, webinar, sales/strategy session or sales meeting.

3. Post Sale (When you are looking to keep the new client or get old clients back)
This typically occurs when you are handling client renewals, up-selling into other products or services or when asking for testimonials and referrals.
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Step 2 – Identify Which of the Follow-Up Stages Will Be the Focus of Your Campaign
This will help you to identify the appropriate pieces that are needed for each particular campaign. List what you need to do and what you need to know.

Step 3 – Choose Your Tools
How will you keep track of everything? Do not try to keep it all in your head and stop moving your important data from tool to tool. Consider a “two-pronged system”… know where the data is coming from and where it is going. Have just one Master tool.

Step 4 – Identify What Items Are Necessary for Each Follow-Up Sequence
Because most people typically say “no” 7 times before they say yes, make sure that you have 5 -7 items in each sequence. For example:

• Nice to Meet You Note or email – handwritten notes have great impact
• Short video or webpage with a similar message (Keep it personal)
• Let people know what else you have (products and services) and how they can get it.
• Send out an information update letter
• Pertinent news article
• Formal request for a testimonial or referral
• Webpage to direct current clients to what you want them to know

Step 5 – Put your items into a sequence… what happens when? Be specific about what happens on Day 1, Day 10 etc. Set a schedule.

Step 6 – Decide who does what and what tools will be used to record and maintain data. Consider using tools that will enable you to automate your sequence.